Effects of Turmeric on Blood Glucose, Lipids and Total Cholesterol – More Clinical Literature Bytes

Readers recently requested information on the effects of food and supplements on Type 2 diabetes (T2D)*.

We recently posted a piece on clinical trial showing the effects of psyllium on T2D (link here).

A few other randomized studies point to benefits of Turmeric (molecular family curcuminoids)

In a study named Curcuminoids modify lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus: A randomized controlled trial Researchers in Iran and Croatia found reductions in Total Cholesterol and directionally good lipoprotein parameters in a randomized study on T2D:

Between-group comparison of change in the study parameters revealed significant reductions in serum levels of TC (-21.86±25.78 versus -17.06±41.51, respectively; p=0.023), non-HDL-C (-23.42±25.13 versus -16.84±41.42, respectively; p=0.014) and Lp(a) (-1.50±1.61 versus -0.34±1.73, respectively; p=0.001) and elevations in serum HDL-C levels (1.56±4.25 versus -0.22±4.62, respectively; p=0.048) in the curcuminoids group as compared with the placebo group (p<0.05). Serum TG and LDL-C changes did not show any significant difference between the study groups (p>0.05).

The intervention was described as 12 weeks of:

1000mg/day plus piperine 10mg/day

Link to abstract here

Researchers in Pakistan have also found similar effects in individuals with symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome when administered a blend of 1.5 g per day in combination with 900 mgs of black seeds, link here

In what often doesn’t make the news, researchers have also found no differences in cognitive benefits:

No differences were observed between the groups for all other clinical and cognitive measures. Our findings suggest that further longitudinal assessment is required to investigate changes in cognitive outcome measures, ideally in conjunction with biological markers of neurodegeneration.

Link to Abstract here

Thanks for reading, please feel free to post topic requests in the box below and we will evaluate the literature.

*Important Disclaimer: This blog is intended for informational purposes only. The information here, and any products mentioned here, are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

Consult a qualified physician before making any changes to your diet, meds, or other lifestyle changes. 


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