“Latest Favorites” & Resources

You asked, we put together a product list. Try one, expand your world, and check back.

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Unflavored Isolate: 10 lb bag

On The Go Bytes

Protein sachets for the road: Myoplex Sachet

Classic, Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Experimentalists, see Cricket Protein Bars

Chewy Vegan Protein Bars

For Low Carbers and Ketogenics, Assorted Quest Bars

Recipe Byte Books

“It’s not Rabbit Food”, But I Could Never Go Vegan!

If meat is a must, the best part is the 5 ingredients, Paleo in 28

Liquidated smoothie meals Here and Here


Anatomy & Training Books

Supple Leopard, by Kelly Starrett

Body Weight Training Anatomy, by Bret Contreras


To-Go Snacks, Protein & Supplements

Cricket Protein Bars, Yum!

Clean, Unflavored Whey Isolate, 5-Pound Tub , or 10 lb bag

Joint Care Supplement, OsteoBiFlex Advanced

Vegetarian Friendly Free Form Amino Acids


On the Road Gym Subs

“Fat Flat” bands for jumping and stretching

“WOD” bands for resistance training & “pumping”


Favorite Blogs & Other Resources

Paleo Parents Here is the link

Vegan In the Freezer Here is the link

Marion Nestle’s Food Politics Blog Here is the link

Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD podcast Here is the link

Victor Prisk, MD, generally a wonder & resource, Here is the link