Running Misfits

Can "Crossfit logic" meet running? Try this: 4 x 800 meters at threshold, 2 minutes recovery 400 meters all-out, 2 minutes recovery 300 all-out, 2 minutes recovery 200 all-out, 2 minutes recovery What's that all about? If you’re wondering what sets Track Mafia apart from all the other running crews out there (TM is actually an off-shoot … Continue reading Running Misfits

Save time with short, intense sprints (Research Study)

Little Byte Summary: Short sprints at timed intervals can help you get the same health benefits in less time than longer-duration exercise sessions. Researchers in Norway conducted a small study comparing 12 weeks of a medium-intensity, 50 minute, cycling workout with  a 3x20 second "max" sprint workout  (1 minute total), in which the sprints were interspersed … Continue reading Save time with short, intense sprints (Research Study)

957 Genes Associated with Aging

Aging, oxygen muscles & mitochondria...all related. In one published analysis, genes regulating oxygen consumption are closely tied with aging. Genetics geeks (us included) will appreciate the laboriousness of relabeling genetic information so that it is useful. Table 2 shows a list of genes associated with aging from research at Skåne University and Lund University. Here is one … Continue reading 957 Genes Associated with Aging