Flavanols, Chocolate and Your Brain

A new review published in the May 2017 edition of Frontiers in Nutrition analyzed the evidence to date that flavanols (found in dark chocolate and cocoa, among other foods) may benefit human brain function. Flavanols are a form of flavonoids, plant-based substances that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Here’s a sample of the findings: Short-term consumption may be helpful. … Continue reading Flavanols, Chocolate and Your Brain


Ketogenic Products & Favorites

Ketosis and ketogenic diets have a real scientific basis that we will continue to write about. It's a complex topic, but there are well-documented athletic and health benefits. Prof. Jeff Volek is a lead researcher in this field, and his book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living will open your eyes to unexpected benefits … Continue reading Ketogenic Products & Favorites

Does animal vs plant protein impact appetite control or energy expenditure?

The research question at hand is the degree of impact of a dietary protein source and type (e.g. animal vs plant) and amount on selected physiological and health outcomes. Here is what a randomized study recently found (emphasis added): ...[D]iets varying in protein quantity with either beef/pork or soy/legume as the predominant source have minimal effects … Continue reading Does animal vs plant protein impact appetite control or energy expenditure?

Chocolate Cravings: Brain Pharma of Theobromine

Regular readers know we love chocolate (and its molecules) for many reasons. What surprised us in the uncertainty of the psychological effects: Our findings raise questions about the psychoactivity of theobromine in the psychological effects of chocolate. One possibility is that the combined effects of caffeine and theobromine, typically found in chocolate, have interactive effects....Another possibility … Continue reading Chocolate Cravings: Brain Pharma of Theobromine