Antibiotics, Diarrhea and Probiotics

Researchers at the Universities of Chapel Hill and Chicago, respectively, recommend pairing probiotics with antibiotics in an opinion piece hereĀ  When you prescribe an antibiotic for a 45-year-old patient with Helicobacter pylori, he worries that the medication will cause diarrhea. Should you recommend that he take probiotics? More than a third of patients taking antibiotics … Continue reading Antibiotics, Diarrhea and Probiotics

What is a probiotic?

Byte Sized Summary: A "microbial preparation". Read more for context. If there were an abstract for a clinical study that read like a movie teaser, it might read like the following: The gastrointestinal (GI) tract of a fetus in utero is sterile but it becomes colonized with environmental microorganisms shortly after birth. Since the gut … Continue reading What is a probiotic?