Bone Broth, Rapidly 

While not everything in this article can be taken at face value (e.g. that glucosamine reduces pain, more on that later, see our post on pre-clinical studies in the meantime), we do agree that powdered bone broth is a fast way to get additional nutrients. It could also be a fun savory shake idea: Bone broth … Continue reading Bone Broth, Rapidly 

How Pre-Clinical Studies May Mislead You: Foods That Prevent Bone Loss (or Do They?)

We're all familiar with the catchy headlines and ads that recommend products, recipes and diets. Some are garbage (Oz Effect anyone?), while some have completely valid human clinical studies. But beware of the pre-clinical studies that are in the murky area between hard-fact-health-benefit, and pure marketing. Our view is not that every headline or claim … Continue reading How Pre-Clinical Studies May Mislead You: Foods That Prevent Bone Loss (or Do They?)

Sunday Assorted Links

What is Gelatin Good For? by Alexandra Rowles Spoiler, anecdotal evidence for joint, skin and brain function Breakfast Bar Idea (and Video): Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Bake Clinical Study: Knee Sleeves do not inhibit athletic performance Clinical Study: Knee sleeves may help those with osteoarthritis This is the most popular Knee Compression Sleeve I've come across of late 

Monday Assorted Links

Caroline Pullen's latest post on the food and product additive Xanthan Gum. Vegetarians be ware! Clinical Study: Fish Oil and Primrose Oil are Effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis Recent book on alternative arthritic treatments by Mark Hyman M.D. and Dr. Susan Blum M.D. "Healing Arthritis: Your 3-Step Guide to Conquering Arthritis Naturally"  Vitamin D supplementation restores Vitamin D, but may … Continue reading Monday Assorted Links