How to Relieve Itch and Dry Skin with this Special Cream


A skin barrier that is depleted of ceramides, an important class of biomolecules, is a reported source of dry skin, itch an even eczema (more here). To relieve this, we found a published study showing two formulas work with a single application 

Ceramide-containing lotion or cream containing 1% pramoxine provides both rapid and long-lasting relief of itching following a single application in atopic patients with or without active flare.

That is from research at the Ohio Contact Dermatitis Center, Columbus, OH

You can purchase this same cream from Amazon at the link here, on sale:

Here is the link to the Published Article Here

Here is another of our posts on the origin of itch

Thanks as always for reading

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 11.50.50 AM


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