Bicarbonate supplements may reduce age-related muscle loss

Additional research suggesting supplementing with potassium bicarbonate may reduce age-related loss of muscle.

Note that the primary endpoints of this study are on nitrogen excretion (e.g. urinary ammonia nitrogen), and not direct lean mass.

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14 healthy postmenopausal women residing in a General Clinical Research Center and eating a constant diet yielding a normal EAP rate, we tested whether correcting their “physiological” acidosis with orally administered potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3; 60-120 mmol/day for 18 days) reduces their urinary nitrogen loss.

The magnitude of the KHCO3-induced nitrogen-sparing effect is potentially sufficient to both prevent continuing age-related loss of muscle mass and restore previously accrued deficits.

That is research published by the University of California, San Francisco. Link here


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