Comment on the genetics and microbiome of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“What is clear is that genetic susceptibility plays an important role in the development of IBD, and large genome-wide association studies using case-control approaches have identified more than 230 risk alleles. Many of these identified risk alleles are located in a variety of genes important in host-microbiome interactions. In spite of these major advances, the mechanisms behind the genetic influence on disease development remain unknown. In addition, the identified genetic risks have thus far failed to fully define the hereditability of IBD. Host genetics influence host interactions with the gut microbiota in maintaining health through a balance of regulated immune responses and coordinated microbial composition and function. What remains to be defined is how alterations in these interactions can lead to disease. The nature and cause of changes in the microbiota in patients with IBD are poorly understood. In spite of the large catalog of alterations in the microbiota of IBD patients, inflammation itself can alter the microbiota, leaving open the question of which is cause or effect.”

That is from a recently published abstract Determinants of IBD Heritability: Genes, Bugs, and More by researchers associated with the University of Toronto.

Full link to the abstract is here:

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