Running Misfits

Can “Crossfit logic” meet running?

Try this:

4 x 800 meters at threshold, 2 minutes recovery
400 meters all-out, 2 minutes recovery
300 all-out, 2 minutes recovery
200 all-out, 2 minutes recovery

What’s that all about?

If you’re wondering what sets Track Mafia apart from all the other running crews out there (TM is actually an off-shoot of London’s Run Dem Crew), it’s this: “Honestly, it’s the vibe,” says Wharton-Malcolm. “The exercises, the drills, the language we use—it’s all geared towards engaging a different demographic who, for whatever reason, wouldn’t end up at a traditional running club.” That group of running “misfits”—about 30 regulars and growing—has formed friendships and even relationships off the track. Wharton-Malcom himself can thank running and Track Mafia for his relationship with girlfriend and co-founder Julia Good. Perhaps the upward trajectory of Track Mafia members is a reflection of the growing running scene in London in general: “More brands are offering run clubs, gyms are offering runs as a bolt onto memberships, and others are finding innovative ways to engage another demographic that’s more interested in running as part of something as opposed to a stand-alone activity.”

From Equinox’s Furthermore Blog, Link Here





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