Getting Into Ketosis

Excerpt from a great post on “This is how to get into ketosis the right way.”:

How do you get validation that you are in ketosis?

There are 3 main methods how to measure the presence of ketones in your body.

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Breath

Here is a big picture about ketone bodies flow

The liver produces ketones to circulate as blood ketones. Yoru body uses what it needs for energy and produces a byproduct in some cases (BHB) that is excreted through the breath. The unused ketones are excreted through the urine.


You can speed up the process with these techniques:

  1. 24-hour fast
  2. Exercise (HIIT)
  3. Fat Fasting (1000-1200 calories, 80% calories from fat)

For epilepsy treatment, children are required to start with a 24-hour fast first. Even though it does not improve the treatment long term, it helps to enter ketosis much faster.

Average adult stores about 400g of glycogen in the liver and about 100g of glycogen in muscles. 24 hours will be enough time to deplete glycogen stores and enter ketosis.

That is from Ketigenic Lab, Full Post Here

We also have some of our favorite keto products in a post here.


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